The Jackson Kilroy

Ever since I saw the first pictures and descriptions of the Kilroy last fall, I knew this was a kayak I had to fish from. Everything seemed so perfect in the pictures and descriptions, but would I really like a sit in style kayak and would it live up to my high expectations for a fishing kayak?

Let’s just say the Kilroy has blown me away! This kayak is a fishing machine and is so well thought out. Jackson has really put out the perfect fishing kayak for my style of kayak fishing.


Over the past month, I’ve been able to put the Kilroy to the test in some local waters as well as a week long trip to the Canadian wilderness and I cannot say enough good things about this kayak. The Kilroy handled less than perfect weather conditions over the past month very well and I was really impressed how it handles in strong winds.

The Kilroy has the same hull as the Cuda 12, and being a sit in, your center of gravity is lower and allows for more stability which is something I always want in a fishing kayak. Tracking is great, as you would expect from a 12’4″ kayak, and paddling seems effortless. Maneuverability on moving water is also great and is a lot better than expected. I found standing in the Kilroy to be easy and have been standing and fishing more often when the situation calls for it.


As with other Jackson kayaks, the features are endless on the Kilroy. Along with the standard Hi/lo seat, the three features that I really utilize on the Kilroy are the rigid dashboard that can be placed in bow or stern of the cockpit, the 4 Yak Attack gear tracs and the rod tubes.

The dashboard has bungees to store tackle boxes and also has a ‘glove box’ to store smaller items such as a phone and includes a Gopro mount at the front.  The dashboard really makes accessing fishing items easy and keeps everything within your reach while on the water. There are also bungees to secure your paddle while standing for easy access and scoops to lay your paddle in while sitting.

The 4 Yak Attack gear tracs come standard and are placed around the cockpit to accept accessories which makes adding and adjusting camera mounts and rod holders a breeze.

The rod tubes inside the side walls keep rods secure and safe and are very easy to access on the water. Having the option to safely stow rods you may or may not need throughout the day is a great feature.

I should mention a few other features too. The sidewalls also have bungees to secure tackle boxes and they work great for securing a Hawg Trough while on the water which is always a plus, especially when fishing tournaments. The Hawg Trough always seems to get misplaced when you need it! There is also a sealed stern bulkhead to store dry items and this would also aid in flotation if needed.


Having fished out of sit on top for the past few years I was a bit hesitant to move to sit in style. Like stated earlier, something drew me to the Kilroy from the first pictures I saw. For my style of fishing, the Kilroy is the perfect fishing kayak. Stability, great accessible storage and maneuverability. The Kilroy really is a fishing machine.

You can check out the Kilroy in person at The Rivers Edge in Leechburg, PA, you won’t be disappointed!


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